Fluid Power Engineer

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Duluth, MN
$72,000 - $92,000
Job Type
Direct Hire
Associate, Bachelor
Jan 18, 2019
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This full-time, permanent Fluid Power Engineer is at progressive, innovative, global leader.  The company promotes individuality so employees get to do their own thing.  The company gets things done quickly and the work is challenging.  Employees don't just sit at a desk all day, day after day. 
The Director of Engineering has been with the company when it began over 20 years ago.  A few other employees have been here nearly as long.  Sales nearly doubled from three years ago and are up 20% for 2018 and should be again us the same in 2019.  The Engineering Department includes the Director, four Mechanical Engineers, two Mechanical Designers and this Fluid Power Engineer.   The software used is Solidworks, Automation Studios (hydraulic fluid power simulation software), Excel, and Syteline.

Duties and responsibilities include the following:
  • Researching, designing and modifying mechanical and hydraulic systems and products
  • Directing and coordinating manufacturing, operating, installing and/or repairing mechanical and/or hydraulic systems and products
  • Testing of new products including in the field testing of issues
  • Evaluating field installations
  • Recommending design modifications to eliminate malfunctions

The successful candidate will possess the following:
  • A degree in Hydraulics/Fluid Power or Mechanical Engineering (if Mechanical Engineering, candidates must be willing to take part in extensive training)
  • Hydraulic design, layout and application experience
  • A strong experience with SolidWorks or other 3-D software  
  • A willingness to travel
Any Automation Studios hydraulic simulation software experience would be preferred but not required.